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  1. Li2MnO3 is Caswellsilverite-like structured and crystallizes in the monoclinic C2/m space group. The structure is three-dimensional. there are three inequivalent Li1+ sites. In the first Li1+ site, Li1+ is bonded to six O2- atoms to form LiO6 octahedra that share corners with two equivalent LiO6 octahedra, corners with four equivalent MnO6 octahedra, edges with four equivalent .
  2. - [Presenter] The mitochondria is probably most well known for metabolic pathways like the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain that allow our cells to produce ATP.
  3. K2O2 is alpha boron-derived structured and crystallizes in the orthorhombic Cmce space group. The structure is three-dimensional. K is bonded in a 6-coordinate geometry to six equivalent O atoms. There are two shorter ( Å) and four longer ( Å) K–O bond lengths. O is bonded in a 7-coordinate geometry to six equivalent K and one O atom.
  4. Metasomatic replacement, the process of simultaneous solution and deposition whereby one mineral replaces another. It is an important process in the formation of epigenetic mineral deposits (those formed after the formation of the host rock), in the formation of high- and intermediate-temperature hydrothermal ore deposits, and in supergene sulfide enrichment (enriched by .
  5. I recently had the pleasure of doing a one off shoot with Dutch Nude Art as he had a one day stop over in Scotland and I couldn't possibly pass up the chance to work with him.
  6. Somewhat complex sample showing the prograde replacement of andalusite (irregular colorless mineral, dark-gray birefringence) partially replaced by sillimanite (elongate diamonds having medium-gray birefringence). Andalusite transforms to sillimanite relatively easily, requiring a few broken bonds and a small rotation to the structure. The rotation can be to the left or right, so .
  7. During tumorigenesis, macrophages are recruited by tumors and orientated towards a pro-tumoral phenotype. One of the main anti-tumoral immunotherapy consists of their re-polarization in an anti-tumoral phenotype. We have demonstrated that the inhibition of proprotein convertase 1/3 combined with TLR4 activation in macrophages is a promising strategy. These macrophages .

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