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  1. Apr 20,  · If you haven’t taken the first part of Bound By Blood that takes you through the Fellowship of The Ring, I suggest you do that now.:) Link: Bound by blood: lotr wwyff Bit of a recap: You were just dragged away and knocked unconscious by the pack of Uruk-hai.
  2. Ashdautas Vrasubatlat – Afar Angathfarta. Lok’tar ogar Shara- Mabaj bot ob armauk. Amal Shufar, at rrug- Ambor mabas lufut. Kagh! Bin mog q’thazag cha!- Fit'chure! Lok’tar ogar. Lok’tarogar – Lok’tar I Menimus. Logre’gard Nor Kal – Gimbatul uruk há.
  3. Dec 21,  · You scrambled to your knees in anger, “Ashdautas Vrasubatlat!”* You hissed, the bile dripping from your voice. The only reason your knew the insult was because of those endless nights listening to Sauron’s voice in Black Speech.
  4. ashdautas vrasubatlat専用スレ。 2 : 名無しさんのみボーナストラック収録 :/04/21(月) ID:PmxYm6gD0 リリカルなのはの話しませんか?.
  5. Amal Shufar, at rrug - Ambor mabas lufut Kagh! Bin mog q'thazag cha! - Fit'chure! Lok'tar ogar Lok'tar ogar – Lok'tar I Menimus Logre'gard Nor Kal – Gimbatul uruk ha Bin mog q'thazag cha – Mirdautas na oras Mabaj boto ob armauk - Ashdautas Vrasubatlat Izg Lok-Narash - Ugh Izg kun Lok-Regar Lok'tar ogar – Lok'tar I Menimus.
  6. Shared consciousness of anxiety, depravity, melancholy, and violence through arcane offerings. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO WEEKS FOR SHIPMENT.
  7. "Voshatraumat, ashdautas vrasubatlat." I growled. The Orc bristled. "Thrug nar pa-gog." He answered curtly. I snorted and waved a dismissive hand. "Tush." And I sat by the fire in brooding silence, waiting for the time to come with one had on the hilt of my long dagger.
  8. 国産デプレッシブブラックメタルプロジェクトの3rdデモCD-R。 今流行の鬱ブラックじゃ!!(爆)別名義でアキバ系要素を盛り込んだポルノゴアグラインドもやってるらしい最近話題のキチガイ絶望ブラックメタル一人プロジェクトによる66枚限定のデモで、この手の絶望しまくり鬱系暗黒メタルは.

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